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After collecting decades worth of experience of producing high-end content in the Arctic, we figured that we would collect the film forces of Lofoten, which resulted in Lofoten Film Collective. Our bios consist of keywords like ski touring, northern lights, surfing, and climbing, and if we’re not running around on productions, you’re most likely to find us out in the unique nature of the Lofoten Islands.

Jakob Gurdak

Photographer, drone pilot

Always with a smile on his face, and the most helpful hand on a film set. Kuba is a dedicated photographer, drone pilot and camera operator.


Cinematographer, focus puller, editor

Edvart Falch Alsos is a cinematographer and editor from Lofoten. He studied at Westerdals Høyskole and works currently at Nordland College of Art- and Film. He got experience as a cinematographer from working in the film industry in Oslo.

Rune Trondsen producer Lofoten Film.jpg

Rune Trondsen 

(Nordic Stories)


Rune is one of the most experienced producers in the north. With several feature films and tv-series on the record he know all about  larger productions.

Christina Lande


Christina Lande  is a script writer and director og regissør.She studied film at Westerdals in Oslo and NTNU in Trondheim as well as literature,  film og theater at the University in Agder.

Gisle Melhus Lofoten Film.jpg

Gisle Melhus 

(Normann Fiction AS)

Writer, producer

Gisle studied as a film producer at the Norwegian Film School, but works as a professional script writer for Disney and other film projects.

Trygve Luktvaslimo Lofoten Film.png


Trygve is a filmmaker with a background in visual arts, based in Lofoten after 15 international years. As a director he's especially fond of instructing actors and performers, and in his own films he's on both sides of the camera. 


Photographer, Director

Eivind H. Natvig have made images and films since childhood. For the past two decades professionally as a visual artist specialising in long-term documentary narratives. He is deeply rooted in the journalistic tradition, yet attaining an uncommon photographic freedom.

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Inge Wegge

Cinematographer, Producer, Director

Inge Wegge is an award-winning director, producer, and cinematographer based in Kabelvåg, Lofoten. He studied film at Nordland college of film and art and has a passion for extreme sports, nature and the environment.

Yngvar Christensen

Producer, Location Manager, Writer

Born and raised in the Lofoten Islands, Yngvar is the Collective’s local spearhead, with broad experience with production and location management. More than any, he has a solid network across the islands and knows every corner and local guideline.

Kaja Kjos-Kendall


Kaia is a writer, director and producer living in Kabelvåg, Lofoten. She studied film at the Nordland college of art and film.

Mats Birkelund

Mats Birkelund

Director, cinematographer

Mats is a multi-talented director, cinematographer, and editor. The journalist knows how to bring a good story to life. This skill, combined with a talented eye, make sure you get interesting stories with great visuals.

Hallvard Kollvet

Hallvard Kolltveit

Cinematographer, photographer

Often found in the surf at Unstad, Hallvard is arguably the best surf photographer in Scandinavia. He has specialized in capturing in-water action, as well as shooting high-end commercials both in the water, on land and in the air. 

Martin Otterbeck


Martin is a cinematographer with his second home in Lofoten; an oil tank, rebuild into a house!

He won the award for Best Cinematography at the European Film Awards 2018, and have shot several feature films, tv-series and documentaries.

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